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Despite the discount revolutions that have occurred in most businesses, the real estate industry remains largely non-competitive. That is, most real estate companies offer the same services and charge the same high commissions.  In contrast, Real Estate Solutions offers a unique combination of price and service alternatives to better suit your individual needs.

While other real estate companies talk about the quality of their services, they often do so to the exclusion of the effectiveness of those services and in no way can they justify the commissions and fees they charge.

Simply stated, our focus is to offer full service comparable to or exceeding that offered by the best of our competitors and to allow you to choose a low, flat listing side fee.  These are flat fees and apply to any priced home---even if your home sells for $200,000, or even a MILLION DOLLARS or more. 

Bottom Line---Flat Fee Listings Are Always Less Than 6% Commission Listings.

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I am absolutely committed to exceeding your expectations with the highest level of professionalism, expertise and service.
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