Do you think you would like to help families own their own home? We are now interviewing for 2 agent positions.

At Real Estate Solutions we take a totally different approach to selling real estate. No one in the local area offers real estate services the way we do.

We really are all about choices. You never pressure a seller to pay a 6% commission---or a buyer to pay your fee. At Real Estate Solutions our customers and clients are empowered to make their own decisions about the service that best serves THEIR needs---not the needs of the real estate company.

You will be personally trained by Pat Lowry--the Realtor Grayson Co has trusted for over 25 years. You will not be "turned loose" on an unsuspecting buyer or seller to "fend" for yourself. Until you are throughly trained, you will work as a team member with Pat. What that means for you is that you will not work 7 days a week, 24 hours a day like most Realtors do----BUT your customers will always have someone to talk to 24/7.  There will always be a support system in place so you can take time off for family events, vacations or just time to rest and recouperate. We are family oriented and believe that your family comes first.
If you are presently working another job you will not be asked to give it up---EVER. 
Real estate is seasonal and may not sustain you totally for several years. 
We actually believe that your exposure to the public is one of your greatest resources---and your present work place can be one of your most important resources.


One of the things you will realize very quickly is that our methods and business model is very easy to present and that buyers and sellers are much more accepting---because it allows them to be in control of their real estate transaction.

When a Realtor is not trying to manipulate them with all the fluff and "objection handling" techniques that most Realtors have to use to convenience them to pay more ---for less service --- then they know you are really committed to helping THEM meet THEIR needs.


Call today, if you would like to explore a career in real estate---one that is rewarding both financially and emotionally.